Journey into Presence:
A mindfulness-based yoga workshop

Join Esther Ekhart for an exclusive 2-hour online workshop for our Annual members on Saturday, 30 March 16:00 - 18:00 CET.

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About the workshop

Deepen your yoga practice and enhance its potential to bring more calm, contentment and joy into your life. We’re offering our annual members an exclusive opportunity to explore how to incorporate the practice of mindfulness into yoga.

In this 2-hour session, Esther will take you on a transformative journey; from being entangled in thoughts and emotions, to fully inhabiting your body and engaging with your moment-to-moment experience. This workshop will leave you feeling grounded, relaxed, and connected with yourself and the world around you.

Workshop outline

Part 1: Introduction to mindfulness-based yoga + short centring ~ 15 minutes

Brief introduction to the concept and benefits of combining yoga with mindfulness and breathwork. You will set your intentions for the practice, focusing on acceptance, awareness and presence.

Part 2: Mindful yoga flow ~ 60 minutes

A gentle feel-good yoga sequence to help you arrive in your body. The emphasis is on awareness of breath, physical sensations and emotional state. Observe and welcome thoughts without judgement, guiding energy from your head to the heart and body.

Part 3: Guided mindfulness meditation ~ 20 minutes

Transition from a physical practice to seated meditation. Esther will guide you through a meditation that focuses on breath awareness, observing thoughts and cultivating a state of coherence and connection.

Part 4: Integrative breathwork session ~ 15 minutes

Deepen your state of coherence with specific breathwork techniques. The techniques are aimed at harmonising the body and mind, enhancing the flow of energy.

Part 5: Reflection and sharing ~ 10 minutes

An opportunity for you to share your experience and reflections. We will discuss how to incorporate mindfulness and yoga into daily life for ongoing coherence and presence.

Part 6: Closing ~ 5 minutes

A gratitude meditation and setting intentions to carry the practice forward.

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