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Welcome, I am happy you are here.

Our mission at EkhartYoga is to create positive change in the world through yoga and I sincerely hope that our selection of free classes will support you during this time. Of course, if you’ve been advised for any reason not to do physical exercise please stick to the meditations for now.

I also invite you to join my online classes every weekday at 17.00 CET / 9:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT on the EkhartYoga YouTube channel. Please subscribe to the channel to get notifications.

With love,

Esther Ekhart 
Founder of EkhartYoga

Yoga & movement classes

Gentle yoga classes to shift the attention from your head to your body, inviting in spaciousness, peace and relaxation. 

Calming yoga
With Esther Ekhart

This simple, mostly floor-based yoga sequence will gently stretch the major muscle groups, inviting space into your body and calmness into your mind. Read Yoga as a healing practice

Come into your body
With Irina Verwer

We all know those days where it feels as if we live in our heads. This class is designed to connect your head to your body again. Come home to your breath, your body, your self. 

Energise and connect
With Anat Geiger

15 minutes of awakening and energising the body and 15 minutes to connect internally with yourself. No rushing, no pushing, pure joy! Try these 6 yoga poses for stress relief

Move, open and breathe
With David Lurey 

A bit of everything in 20 minutes. So, here we go... an all levels class that touches most of the main joints and muscle groups to move, open and breathe new life into your day.

Stress-busting yoga
With Rose van Ooijen

Free up the upper body and give the hips and legs some much-needed release. Twists to give the back some love and a heart opener to counteract sitting. You'll hopefully finish this class feeling a lot more open and relaxed.

Free your joints
With Esther Ekhart

Joints connect our muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia, so keeping them supple enables us to stay physically fit and more relaxed. Practicing this regularly will have a long-term positive impact on your health. Give it a try!

Settling and relaxing
With Esther Ekhart

Feeling scattered and restless? This meditation will help you to relax and settle deeply within yourself. You'll be ready to continue your day with clarity and focus afterward. Read: 5 simple tips to start a meditation practice

Calm and stable mind
With James Reeves

Take a tour through the two ascendant and descendant energy channels known as Dragon (ascendant) and Tiger (descendant), finding a calm and stable mind and a deep sense of equanimity.

Meditation for worry
With Anat Geiger

Everything in this life is cyclical and temporary, but we can learn to trust that life brings and takes according to what is needed. This is hard at first and takes practice, but eventually leads to release and peace. 

Meditation classes

Meditation classes to settle, ground and help you develop resilience to challenging circumstances.

Breathing for balance
With Esther Ekhart

This Pranayama breathing technique relaxes your nervous system and reduces feelings of stress. It's a simple practice to do when you feel scattered and want to centre yourself.

Nidra for deep rest
With James Reeves

This powerful Yoga Nidra practice will teach you how to calm the three parts of your nervous system through systematic repetition of feelings of safety, security and connection.

Relax before bed
With Marlene Smits

A guided relaxation to help you to let go of tension on a physical, mental and emotional level. Great to do before bed if you have trouble getting to sleep.

Deep rest practices

Classes to help you relax and calm your nervous system, and let go of physical and emotional tension on a deep level. 

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Find connection - Be supportive - Offer expertise - Love - Be honest

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